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We have waited.  We may not have been patient, but we have waited.  And fans, we deserve the good news coming to us.  We deserve to see Noah Syndergaard cave when he realized he opened his mouth too fast from Flushing bellowing "Best Team" status.  We answered his balk with what is being considered the best team in baseball and our best start as a team since 2003.

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"Even the most optimistic Yankee fans couldn’t have seen this kind of start coming. It’s been five years since the team won a playoff game or more than 87 regular-season games. New York’s 84-78 record in 2016 gave the franchise its worst single-season winning percentage since 1992. As sellers at last year’s trade deadline, the Yankees positioned themselves to be contenders again in 2018, or even not until 2019," reported the International Business Times.

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Our greatest weakness last season is currently our greatest strength and quite frankly the Mets' greatest weakness this year:  Hitting.  This team can hit.  Everyone can hit.  Even our bench players can hit.  Aaron Hicks is treading on being the best hitter in baseball.  And he doesn't even play every day.  The other Aaron, Aaron Judge, is batting .317 with 13 home runs and 28 RBIs over 28 games. He took a day off on Monday to ice his knees, but as Manager Joe Girardi said, he seems unaffected. This was planned after the incredible defensive plays he made while at Fenway Park.

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Our pitching has been holding its own.  We saw a great game by Luis Severino who went toe to toe with veteran Jon Lester, without blinking.  He went in and did his job.  You also have guys like Jordan Montgomery throwing well, allowing pitchers to go deeper into the game.  "The Yankees are in the middle of the pack with a 4.03 ERA from their starters. On most nights, the bare minimum needed for a quality start will probably get the job done with the way this lineup is hitting," reported IBT.

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This team has that fighting spirit from the mound, from the plate and from the field.   They are making it is a long time coming.  "Going into Tuesday, the Yankees were second in baseball in runs scored at 177, an average of 5.9 runs per game. While the 4.02 ERA of their starting rotation was only good enough for 12th in the league, they've been buoyed by the bullpen, whose 2.60 ERA is fourth-best in the sport," reported Let's also add nine come from behind wins. With these stats, the skies the limit.

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But 161 games is a lot of games and we have to be at the higher end of the win column come September.  If we stay healthy, if we keep that Yankee grit and we stay focused, we could beat the odds and be in real contention for 28.  It's only May, but we deserve the press, we deserve the praise and we deserve being at the helm of the best team in baseball.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

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