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I know it's early and I know that I shouldn't be saying it, but Chase Headley is making his John Sterling "Headley is Deadly" ring loud and clear with his bat.  I will admit I was not a believer prior to first pitch, but I like what I see and so does Headley.

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According to the NY Post, “If they’re gonna give me a free hit, I’m gonna take it,” Headley said. “The more I execute that, the truer they have to play me. Yeah, the hit’s great, but more than that, it gets guys closer to where they should be — so when I do hit a line drive on the right side, it’s got a decent chance of finding a hole and there’s not four guys over there waiting for it," said Headley after the Sunday's game regarding executing his strategy to beat the shift.

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And in Game Two, Headley lit it up again with his hitting coupled with a little base stealing.   With five hits including a home run over two games, Headley is making a believer that he came game-ready for 2017.  "I have a high standard for myself. I know what my goals are and my expectations are as a player,” Headley said according to NY Daily News.  The Yankees have been pretty vocal that they "can’t afford another poor April from their third baseman." Last year, it took until May for Headley to slice his first home run or make any sort of difference offensively.  After last night's game, Headley says he feels confident at the plate as he is starting to see the results he has been working on in the off season.

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“I just want to come out healthy and feel like I’m in a good spot,” Headley said. “I’m getting closer to where I want to be. It’s a process, but we’ve got a lot more time in the spring to get everything right.”

If the first two games are an indication of Headley being game-ready, we are going to see much more from our veteran 3rd baseman.  With a 5-0 win on Tuesday night, the Yankees are 1-1 and Headley is 5 for 8 over the first two games.  Let's keep the momentum going as we #Questfor28.

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