Wednesday, April 5, 2017


To be honest, I never thought about un-retiring Yankee numbers, but I'm being honest here... I like the idea. 

Call me crazy. No. CALL ME BATSHIT NUTS when I say this, but why not?  But first... let me back up:
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It was revealed and now being picked up everywhere that Clint Frazier foolishly asked the Yankees if they would ever let him wear Mickey Mantle's number 7. Many have reported this, but we'll take Business Insider on this one:

"New York Yankees highly touted prospect Clint Frazier reportedly had an audacious request of the Yankees recently, according to WFAN's Suzyn Waldman....Amid the laughter, Waldman said Frazier wasn't just asking for any old number — he was asking for Mickey Mantle's retired No. 7.
We suspect we know the Yankees' answer. "

Now first off, this is a report, meaning, Waldman is telling this story, and to be honest, I know many that know Suzyn and love and respect her and with that, I have no reason to believe what she's saying is bologna, but it is very interesting if this happened. But there's more to it in my opinion...

In the world of "thinking outside the box", Frazier's a freaking genius.  In Yankeeland, he's a loon, and that's a shame.

And so I ask? Why not un-retire numbers, and I don't mean undoing what has been done before us.  The numbers of the Yankee greats are sacred and we as fans love that. But the box of craziness is wide open at Yankee stadium with numbers and plaques being given out to everyone these days.  So why the hell can't the Yankees think about a way to perhaps let an up-and-comer in their first major league at bat as a New York Yankee wear an retired number for 1 game?

You'd sell a few extra tickets, the Yankees get the back page, the kid prospect gives a smile to the cameras and we have alittle fun with it? Then, after that game, the legend of the Yankee hero still lives on and for a moment at least, that prospect, and all of Yankee Stadium feels an eerie presence of that former Yankee great! Hell, everybody wins. 

Then again... maybe I'm delirious... I'm taking cough syrup for the past 24 hours...

Seriously though... I like this idea. Once I'm healthy again though... maybe I won't.

UPDATE: Andrew Marchand now updates the story:

Doesn't matter...I still like my idea.

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