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Many onlookers are describing Aaron Judge's disposition as one in sync with Derek Jeter's.  At first this seemed inconceivable, but then, I saw the way he has been carrying himself on the field, off the field and with the media over the past couple of weeks.  Perhaps this post game interview said it all:

To say that I am impressed with Aaron Judge's on field performances so far this spring is an understatement.  But to see him reflect personally and honestly on his time in the majors last season in order to make shifts in his swing, stance and strike zone to be more effective at the plate is incredibly impressive.  He speaks about his value of the team so authentically, so articulately. I think that's the best part of Judge for me- his ability to convey an important message to fans and media alike: baseball is not an individual sport, it is a team sport.

"Judge turns 25 in a couple of weeks, but his game already seems to be mature. He acts as if he has experienced the majors for a lifetime, not just 35 games. He is even having pregame catches with young fans," reports ESPN.

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And it is up to guys like Brett Gardner to support rookies, like Judge, as they develop into the future of the team, making them feel comfortable and allowing them hone their skills under good team leadership.

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“Everybody in this organization, from the rookie-ball guys up to the 15-year veterans, are class guys that care about each other, care about the game and care about winning. It’s the best environment to be in," said Judge as reported by the NY Post.

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So we are going to win 8 straight and drop games into between hot streaks like we did last night. Although, we don't want to lose games and have Judge go 0-4, what we gain in losing some here and there is more powerful than winning every game.  We learn how to keep coming back, rallying together and the value of teamwork.  Judge gets this now and this disposition will carry the team.  "It's what this team's about, it's about 25 guys pulling the same rope."  And he's not even 25-years-old.  Judge is a class act and adds to so much value to our Yankee club this year.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

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