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I mean, it's only April 28th and the Blue Jays are rumored to be trading Josh Donaldson to the Mets already? Man oh man.

Quick note and small nugget about Donaldson and what appears to be a rumor...or something.  Thanks

"Prior to Thursday's loss to the Braves--the sixth consecutive defeat for the Mets, dropping them to last place in the NL East--ESPN's Baseball Tonight podcast talked about the team dealing for help at third base.

Host Buster Olney and insider Keith Law had this exchange.

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Olney: Two of the possible sellers this year could be the Toronto Blue Jays and Kansas City Royals, which means you could have two third basemen on the market: Josh Donaldson or Mike Moustakas.

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To me, either of those guys would be a really good fit for the Mets. And this decision to invest in one of those two guys would mirror the Cubs' decision to go after Aroldis Chapman or Andrew Miller. Do you go after the guy that's going to be less expensive, shorter term or do you go after the guy that will be there for a couple years?

Law: If the Mets wanted to go all-in this year--which I would totally support given the big league roster and where they've been the last couple of years--they could try to acquire either of those guys."

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Now, truth be told... this isn't a rumor, this isn't even an idea, it's a spit ball by 'Baseball Insider' Buster Olney who hasn't predicted a trade successfully since his buddies flipped baseball cards behind the school in the 70's.  And truth be told, you shouldn't believe a word of it.  But that being said, it's fun to think about Donaldson going anywhere... he's a dynamic player.

Will this happen? Hey, who really knows, although, Law's pretty legit, so I'd sit on the edge of my seat for it.  But before we get nuts... let's just keep it in the back of out minds for now. We'll revisit at a later date.

Happy Friday.

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