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That is what CC Sabathia and the few remaining veterans have to say to critics right now and it gives me chills! Critics have pegged the Yankees to be future contenders. This year is about rebuilding, getting the kids their first opportunities and the veterans their last swings but not winning it all. Critics don't know it all and they definitely don't know the "Yankee way" huh?

It's weird being called the underdog, but the Yankees certainly aren't playing like they are and that recent eight game winning streak is proof. This team may be younger and have less experience but that "win now" philosophy isn't lost. Veteran's like CC Sabathia are keeping that spirit alive in the clubhouse and he's letting everyone know that the faces may change but that expectation to win no matter what still lives on.

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CC got feisty in a recent interview HERE and made it clear that 2017 is not just a "throw away" season. "Nobody cares about that s---," Sabathia said. "Sorry, but nobody cares about two years from now. We want to win games today. Nobody in here is thinking if they are going to be here or not. There is too much turnover in baseball. If anyone is thinking about that, then they are in the wrong spot." 

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And he is right! George Steinbrenner revitalized a struggling franchise and whether you agreed with how he did things or not it brought back that winning spirit. We saw that spirit with the Core Four, our aging veterans and we still have it with the Youth movement. There is no "there is always next year" sentiment in this clubhouse no matter how many beat baseball analysts say this won't be the Yankees year to win. Chase Headley has the same attitude. "We hear it." Headley said. "I’ve said it, that the expectation here is always to win the World Series. That is the only way we can look at it -- that the goal doesn’t change, understanding that certainly there are some young players, but they are talented young players. We think we can do some things with them. I'm certainly not looking forward to 2018 or 2019. I'm trying to have a great year in 2017 and hope we can make a run."

So far, all of the veterans are doing a lot of things to help the baby bombers win. The leadership is there and the attitude is there. Times may be changing and the franchise may be going in a different direction now, but the culture is still there and so's all working. It's young in the season but it already feels much different now then the same time last season when we were 8-14. Critics and analysts may have underestimated this team, and even though the Yankees have a new fresh attitude, we know that if we are in contention by July that the Yankees will add any needed pieces to give us the best chance of winning. CC said it best "One thousand percent, that is a part of who we are. If we are in the mix at the All-Star break and we need something, they will go out and get it, like they always do."

April 20, 2017 - Source: Justin K. Aller/Getty Images North America
Steinbrenner's legacy is based on not only the pennants, controversies, and World Series wins but also a winning spirit that is now passed down to the kids even before they get called up to the Bronx and even Brett Gardner sees it. "I don’t think the young guys are fine with not winning. That is one thing about the Yankees; they stress winning in the minor leagues, too. These kids are accustomed to winning." Gardy sees it, and Yankee fans are too. That back-to-back home run show by Starlin Castro and Aaron Judge was impressive on Wednesday and played a part in the Yankees season high four home runs contributed by both the veteran leaders and the kids.

The Yankees have everything going for them right now. They have the talent, leadership and winning spirit that is going to give the rest of the AL East a run for their money. We have what other teams don' I guess that means we are already #winning. Don't you think so?

--Jeana Bellezza
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