Friday, April 28, 2017


This man sat in front of my this morning.  He couldn't stop talking about the New York Yankees and all they have done so far and how Masahiro Tanaka is the real deal.

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Now I don't know if Tanaka's the real deal, but I do like him a helluva lot and was very impressed with his performance last night. A 3 hit shutout.

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The Yankees won again, and all is right in the world. Things appear to be clicking, and this is without some key elements in the lineup.  A Gary Sanchez. A Didi Gregorius. A slumping Greg Bird. Those guys will be key into how the Yankee continue their wins this season. 

I want to mention one thing that I mentioned yesterday in SEVY WAS STELLAR. JUDGE IS A GOD! I made a statement that Bird will be OK. That brought comment. I want to share this one:

I loved this comment, and I get it.  My point was merely that sometimes kids just need to figure it out.  If you think about it, Bird really doesn't have a big resume in the Bigs.  Sometimes it takes alittle time and sometimes slumps happen. 

I get what you're saying about Castro and Headley, Thomas, but they have the experience... and they need to deliver. There is a difference. 

Things will start to go Bird's way... I truly believe that.

Anyway... last night was great! The Yankees win... maybe Chris Sale should go cut up his jersey... I kid... I kid.

Final: Yankees 3 - Red Sox 0

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