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When Gary Sanchez left the game last Saturday, many thoughts ran through my head, but to be professional, I don't really think it would be prudent to include them here... there may be kids reading...

But after the initial shock wore off, I started to think more clearly. Kyle Higashioka would be coming up. That's right, Higashioka, a kid that has served in the Yankee farm system for the last 9 years. He finally got the call he's been waiting for.

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Remember him? I wrote about him back in January. Read DON'T COUNT KYLE HIGASHIOKA OUT! to refresh your memory. Truth is, I couldn't be any happier for him. I've been rooting for him to get his chance for quite awhile now. Unfortunately, it came with the cost of losing Gary for a bit, but at least it's early in the season and let's face it, there is no chance of him being Wally Pipped.

Now, as we all know, Higashioka got his chance behind the plate, albeit for 1 inning this past Monday. This little nugget from the New York Post tells about what his manager did for him during his debut. Gotta love this...

Kyle Higashioka caught the ninth inning of Monday’s win over the Rays at Yankee Stadium. He didn’t get an at-bat, but he has several memorabilia items to mark his major league debut.

"In the ninth inning a foul ball landed behind the Yankees’ dugout, and Girardi made a deal with the person who caught it: two game-used balls for the foul ball. The deal was completed, and Girardi saved it for the catcher who spent nine years in the organization without sniffing the big leagues until Sanchez got hurt Saturday in Baltimore, and now will miss a month.

'That’s pretty cool. I didn’t realize that,’ Higashioka said Monday of his manager securing something from his first big league frame."

I love seeing those little things. Every player remembers his first game but, it's always nice to have someone secure a memento for you.

Photo: Newsday
It shows that teams are also family and speaking of it... that Higashioka connection goes even deeper.  The New York Daily News has this nugget of Kyle and his own personal scouting report on the other "new" guy, fifth starter Jordan Montgomery...

“'He’s got four pitches and four good ones. And they all come out of the same slot,' Higashioka said, referencing Montgomery’s overhand arm angle. 'That’s kind of a really difficult arm angle to perceive as a hitter. So, just the fact that he’s got that funky arm angle and he’s got four good pitches already gives him a pretty good edge.'”

Love this stuff.

(Chris O'Meara/AP)
With the Yankees holding off on naming the 5th starter for a bit, many wrote here at BYB that Jordan should be given the nod.  Hey Casey! Your wish has been granted. I'm happy as well to see the Yanks give this kid a shot after the phenomenal spring he had!

All in all, it's been really wonderful to see the Yankees utilize the kids of the Yankee youth movement, and it's about time! And something tells me that because Jordan is making his debut, maybe Kyle might get his first start too!

Regardless...good luck to the both of them in the games they play! Hey, you made it to the Bigs, guys! Best of luck! 

--Michael Carnesi
BYB Writer

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