Monday, April 3, 2017


So SNY has a show called Daily News Live apparently.  Well... there's a reason why newspapers aren't on TV... my goodness it's terrible.

Below is a screenshot of what they were discussing in an actual segment of today's show:

You read that right, "Bigger Concern: Tanaka or young bats".  So basically after a single Yankee loss, there's panic everywhere and the New York Daily News needs to worry about what the Yankees did yesterday, because you know... it sets the entire tone of the season or something.

Now come on, are we really doing this?  The Yankees lost a game and Masahiro Tanaka wasn't good. And what, the world is going to end? 

The Yankee youth movement stunk up the joint as well, not hitting.  Oh my, fire Joe Girardi! Hide your face Yankee fans, it over!

I'm tired of the garbage and the made up stories, folks.  You know, I laugh because real journalism is gone.  People ask me why we at BYB don't fire up a bunch of stories every single morning anymore.  I gotta tell you.  When we read in to find some good nuggets to publish, there aren't many.  I've told you for a while now... you come to Bleeding Yankee Blue for news, some entertainment, you laugh, you get mad, maybe you shed a tear, but you come here for the nuggets.  In fact, most publications used to do that.  Now, these days, one or just a few writers really do.

Mandatory Photo Credit: Bleeding Yankee Blue
Amazing crooner and outstanding sports writer, Pete Caldera of the Bergen Record. Jason Keidel of and a class act.  We also like Mark Feinsand of and Pete Abraham of the Boston Globe.  Of course we're big Jack Curry fans too... way before YES.  But I have news for you... journalism is different now. In fact... it's pretty crappy.

This is a perfect example.

And so, I'm just calling bullshit on this.  It's a stupid story.  If this was game 100... yup, this debate would be important.  It's game one girls... calm the hell down.

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