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The baby bombers have been the focus on the Yankees for awhile now. This team has turned a long and overdue corner. The older, fading players of years past are fading away and as many young kids we have this year, there will be even more next year. The kids have taken over, but I noticed something earlier today....some kids that we were so hyped on before have almost completely faded away.

Say what you want about kids like Rob Refsnyder. Some say he has no place on this team and even if he doesn't, his name has at least been out there and in headlines consistently the past few seasons (and right now he is killing it down in Triple-A for what its worth). There are others that are not as lucky. Some of the new kids on the block have pushed out some of the old ones to the point that they aren't talked about or seen in the news anymore. It's like they have vanished.

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Welcome Clint Frazier as one of the "new kids" on the block....and no that isn't supposed to be a boy band reference. It is a new household name for Yankees fans though. Before Frazier was in the spotlight there were others that held that same spotlight, like Mason Williams. Back in 2013 Williams was considered a top Yankee prospect and went to the Arizona Fall League with other Yankee names like Tyler Austin and Peter O'Brien.

Sure, O'Brien may now be in the Royals minor league system, but he did have a nice spring. Austin may be on the disabled list, but he was fighting for a spot in Spring Training. Williams on the other hand can't say that. He had several people to compete with for a job this spring, and in the end Aaron Judge another "new kid" beat him to the punch.

The Yankees have a lot of outfield options these days. One fiery red haired kid named Frazier is definitely one option that intrigues many. We knew Frazier was not a serious contender for a 25 man roster spot in April but we expect to see him at some point this season. The same cannot be said for Mason, now.

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Frazier has had a slow start this season, but THIS video from Baseball America this weekend reminds us just how fast this kid is with a bat and what he is capable of. That ball had so much hang time it felt like it was never coming down. I'm sure the Indy Indians wish they were playing for him right about now.

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As exciting as it is to see kids like Frazier doing well, then I remember that Mason Williams is also playing on the same team as Frazier, and he is struggling. Up until this weekend's games he had a 7-for-44 start and went 0-for-3 in Sunday's game. It's early in the season, but it just goes to show you how quickly things can change in this organization.

With all of the upcoming Yankee talent....it leaves many of us asking BUT WHAT ABOUT MASON?! He may not be a "new kid" but he hasn't been forgotten. We're still rooting for you!

--Jeana Bellezza
BYB Managing Editor
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