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I hate writing stories about this, but baseball is a business, right? We always follow the rumor mill closely but we have been following stories on Rob Refsnyder with an even greater interest. It's no secret that we like Refsnyder here at Bleeding Yankee Blue....we like him a lot. He may not be the greatest player or prospect in the world but he's got a good heart. We've been waiting for two years now for the Yankees to once and for all figure out what they are doing with this guy....and maybe they have.

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Earlier this month Casey wrote THE "SHOPPING REFSNYDER" STORY because we finally got the confirmation that we had been dreading. Refsnyder has been jerked around for too long and the Yankees just don't know how to fit him in. He's just blocked at every angle. The Yankees should give him to a team that could use him and give the kid a chance, it's the right thing to do. The Rays just may be that team, read more HERE.

The Rays are looking for more outfield depth and a right handed hitter. Refsnyder is good for both and they made sure the Rays saw that when they played the Yankees on Sunday and he played one inning in left field and then right field. He also has a career .292 BA in the minors which shows what he is capable of instead of his .262 BA in the majors. Regular playing time for a team that actually has a development plan for Refsnyder could make him even better. It makes sense, it just sucks.

We haven't seen the best that Refsnyder has to offer, at least that is my opinion. I'm sure the pressure and frustration have weighed on him. I know the Yankees have other prospects out there that are flashier than he is but it still doesn't change the fact that I'M HIGH ON ROB REFSNYDER and that is still true almost a year later. ALL baseball players have talent, but not all of them have the character that Refsnyder does. He is the example that baseball DOES have more than just big personalities, celebrity, and powerful bats.

The sad part is that the biggest benefit for the Yankees giving Refsnyder to the Rays would not necessarily be who they are getting in return. At this point, freeing up his spot on the 40 man roster would be enough benefit for the Yankees because they could use that for either Jordan Montgomery if he is the lucky mystery winner of the fourth rotation spot. The Yankees have yet to announce their decision there but they could also use it for Pete Kozma if he makes the team. It could all just be for a roster spot, and that also just sucks.

So whether Refsnyder becomes a Ray or not I still wish nothing but the best for him. He's a good guy and he deserves a shot to make it somewhere. It would be nice if he could do that with a team that isn't a division rival though. So, does it happen or is it just a rumor that goes nowhere? Stay tuned.

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