Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Sometimes Yankee writers disappoint me.  The latest comes from Brendan Kuty on who is otherwise developing into a decent sports writer.  But this isn't even blog worthy today...

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He writes about whether or no Bryce Harper would ever cut his hair to be a New York Yankee.  I'm not kidding...

"With the team's strict hair policy back in the news this spring -- from prospect Clint Frazier chopping his long red locks to the line of conformity and CC Sabathia's beard living in unchecked defiance -- would Harper have a problem with shaving his beard and corralling his hair to join the Yankees someday?

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Not at all, his friend said.

'Bryce is kind of guy who loves his team, whoever he's playing for,' lefty Yankees reliever Chasen Shreve said. 'So I don't think it would be a problem for him to shave his beard. I think his hair would be fine here, but sometimes it's gets long and out of control. I think he would have no problem with it if he signed here.'"

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Yup... this is what we're doing now, which begs the question, why not just call Bryce Harper up and ask the guy if it's that important... OR, maybe don't write it, because this is dumb.

If you are in a contract, and that contract dictates a hair policy, the players need to abide by it. And any player who doesn't sign a multi-million dollar contract because they like their hair long, might be dumber than that Kuty article.

Sweet Lord.

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