Wednesday, March 15, 2017


I was disturbed by a comment I saw on Bleeding Yankee Blue yesterday.

It doesn't happen often, because the reality is, we have a goal here at my created website. I was tired of the Yankee fan sites that posted propaganda or hard opinion, and then, when a person commented or asked a question to the writer of that post... that writer disappeared, never to return comment or have dialog about something pointed that they wrote. 

It happened to me personally years ago when ESPN the Magazine writer Peter Keating wrote about my opinion on Robinson Cano being wrong and not only NOT having a dialog but publishing about what I wrote. Then, when I asked for interaction about it... the dude ran for the hills. No Interaction. No communication. Nothing. Read HUSTLE TO BE NUMBER 1... NOT 2 for that whole debacle.

I found that cowardly, and so, one of the most important things I ask from my writers was that if you write it, you own it, and if someone has a comment or concern, you don't hide. Instead, you have a dialog in some form and come to a conclusion or closure with the reader. Every reader should be able to be communicated with.  We are a family here. We all have different opinions, but we don't do this carelessly, we do it because we love the banter.  But there's more to it...

You can't have it both ways. That means, that if we are out there making sure there's a dialog as a BYB writer, and there's an attempted give and take, well, our readers need to understand that we are extending that dialog and give it back. 

Well, we've done that at Bleeding Yankee Blue and we've done it for years, but yesterday, someone took it the wrong way. and accused us, of trolling... if you can believe it.

Now I'm not about to brow beat or humiliate or get into a dialog about mutual respect and misunderstandings.  I will however say that we are doing our best here to make sure every writer gets a voice and has a dialog the way it's supposed to be on the Internet. Same for our readers! We are NOT ghosts, we are people and if you don't like something or have a different opinion, we want to know about it and talk about it and we will talk back! That's why there's a comment section. That's why we like to comment back or write a post about it.

We don't troll ever at Bleeding Yankee Blue! All we want to do is keep the conversation going. We communicate! 

If you can't handle that... I have a suggestion, go to the sites that ignore you!

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