Saturday, March 11, 2017

AARON JUDGE: WINNING RIGHT FIELD has been kicking butt this spring training with yet another great story about our youth.  It involves Aaron Judge. They've pretty much concluded that he will be the Yankees starting right fielder.  I happen to agree:

"Coming up on halfway through Grapefruit League play, Judge is hitting .346 with two homers and probably is on his way to beating out veteran switch-hitter Aaron Hicks, who is batting .262 with one homer... Joe Girardi was asked when he'd like to make a decision, and predictably, he said he's in no rush.

'I've got until April 2nd, right?' Girardi said. 'I think it's fair to take it to the end. I think they're both playing really well. We'll just continue to evaluate as we go.'

That’s fair, but the guess here is that the competition already is about over. Judge is going to win..."

There's plenty more to read about when it comes to Judge and you should read everything. But the bottom line is Yankeeland loves the guy and wants him there.  Some believe that was why the Yankees signed Matt Holliday, a veteran with similar form at the plate to help mold Judge.  Some believe that's why there has been extra patience to get the kid right, trying to cut down on strikeouts and keep him confident at the plate.  Whatever it is, there is no question that this kid has a real shot to be the starting right fielder for the New York Yankees this season.

Read all of Randy Miller's piece. It's quite good.  I just wanted to give him a plug and let ya'll know that Judge is for real.  Pretty exciting.

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