Sunday, March 26, 2017


My bracket's busted, but I'm okay with it because the Yankees are winning and I am ready for the season to start.  According to, after winning on Friday, "The spring win total marks the Yanks' most since 2009 (24-10-1)." Talk about being optimistic! Now that is a spring training statistic I can wrap my head around!

According to a report filed by the NY Post last Friday, the Yankees winning record, the winningest in the Grapefruit League this spring should not be undervalued.  "It of course does not write their ticket to October. Yet one can assert that their strong spring impacts closer to something than to nothing."

There is a lot of positive buzz from veterans to rookies, and keep in mind, these days, the rookies out number the vets.  “I think it’s important,” manager Joe Girardi said before the game (last week). “I think a winning culture is important with some of the younger guys. And one of the reasons we’re winning games is our younger guys who come in are really talented. And they add on or score runs late.”


But the winning ways may not be a predictor for the actual season as the Arizona Diamondbacks found out when they lead the 2016 Spring Training with wins but finished the season with a 69-93 record.  What the winning ways may be a predictor of is that the Yankee management needs to stay the course as they continue their multi-year rebuild.


The kids start to get exposed and compete against players that they see on TV at the big-league level and they’re realizing, ‘Hey, you know what? Maybe I can compete with these guys,’ ” Cashman said. “ ‘Maybe I’m not so far off.’ ” And we may not be that far off even though many of the guys who are winning games in the late innings will start in the minor leagues this spring.

Source: Newsday

Needless to say, the wins are providing for a culture-shift and growth mindset around the idea of winning.  And this positivity is contagious.  The idea that winning can happen is something that players and management alike can get used to and when you get used to it, it becomes a part of you, and you believe you can win every time you go out there and compete.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

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