Tuesday, February 7, 2017


It's the beard.  I'm telling you!! He didn't want to shave!

Photo: MLB.com
Look, there are many reasons why Romo ended up signing with the Dodgers and not with the Yankees.  But I believe some of it had to do with keeping that beard nice and thick.  The other is he probably had that feeling of West Coast rivalry running through his bones and wanted to try and stomp the Giants in Dodger Blue and all of that.  Whatever the case, it is true; the Yankees definitely wanted Romo! Jesse Sanchez of MLB.com has the story:

"The Rays, who have a scout at the Caribbean Series, and the Yankees also made a strong push to sign the veteran.

Photo: Getty Images
'For me, not having a team, I just try to focus on myself and get better in certain areas,' Romo said. 'That's the reason why I came out to play [in Mexico] was to show that I'm healthy and I'm OK and I got past certain injuries. And also, that I can get better still. There are ways we can always improve, no matter what level -- so here I have picked up a couple of things and some tricks that I honestly feel can keep me around a little longer.'"

Photo: Scott Strazzante, The Chronicle
The Yankees are not done building their bullpen.  They were thinking "Hey, the guy's on his way back, he's probably not a closer anymore. This guy could help bridge to Aroldis Chapman." But in the end, the Dodgers saw an opportunity, offered him a 1 year, $3 million dollar contract, and who really knows what that strong push was from the Yankees. But if you know Sergio Romo... he was thinking about the razor, and since he was on the West Coast anyway... why not try to be part of a big rivalry and beat the Giants as a Dodger...with a beard! Am I right?

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