Saturday, February 11, 2017


Photo of Deshorn Lake / Bryan Green
Not that this is a major deal because there are many of you guys that do NOT know these kids, but when it comes to dreams and the willingness to be a major league baseball player one day... and you don't make it, you kind of need to feel bad for these kids.

Robert Pimpsner of Pinstriped Prospects writes this:

Photo by Darryl Dennis / Icezack Flemming

"...the players released is Polish pitcher Artur Strzalka, as well as Rafael Ordaz, Leonardo Garcia, Deshorn Lake, Moises Cedeno, Icezack Flemming, and Zack Wasserman."

Photo: Artur Strzalka (Bryan Green)

We should also mention that Rafael Ordaz Bleeding Yankee Blue reported that Ordaz was released around January 30th.  We wrote THE YANKEES JUST RELEASED 2. Not only was Ordaz released then, so was Brandon Stenhouse. Stenhouse has since signed with the Angels.

Look, the Yankees are making some changes and it's for the better.  They have a plan and clearly they weren't seeing the results they wanted from these youngsters. No biggie.

Things are happening folks.  Changes are happening... and things are getting exciting.

Happy Saturday.

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