Sunday, February 19, 2017


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This came as a surprise to me, but hey, good for Weaver... he's still going!

Quick note and we'll let go with Bob Nightengale from USA today who put the news out in a tweet:
I think that could be a good marriage between Jered and the Padres. Let's see what happens there!

Now look, some have asked why we are not writing all these "great" stories coming out about the Yankees and Spring training.  There aren't any, are you kidding?

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I mean, yes, we are covering the important ones.  I mean, we're putting out a terrific story about the stupid comments from Randy Levine about Dellin Betances in a few moments.  But there really aren't too many great stories about the Yankees.  It's them arriving at Spring Training. 

What am I supposed to do, talk about how Chris Carter is #48, likes being a Yankee and dropped a deuce at his new home in Tampa?  Give me a break.

BYB has standards. We'll report on important news... not fill up the pages with a bunch of tiny stories so we get clicks.  I mean sure, we are on the brink of hitting 5 million readers here at BYB... but I'm not doing it cheap... respect that.

Have a great Sunday. 

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