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I watched this Charles Oakley, James Dolan feud closely this week. Actually, I've been watching the antics of James Dolan for a while now.  I find the man shameful and embarrassing. I find it truly childish that an adult baby can have a toy like the Knicks, and own it for the mere reason of manipulating every aspect of the team for his own pleasure.   Not for the fans that pay to see the games, he doesn't care about you, and not for the players that work their asses off every single game. 

He cares only about himself and how great a leader he thinks he is. Dolan is no leader. Dolan is a loser.

Players don't play well when there is no one to lead them, and it starts at the top.  Now you can blame Carmelo Anthony or Derek Rose or Phil Jackson all you want.  But everyone knows that when morale is lost... it comes from the top.  That's James Dolan... a despicable leader in every sense of the word.  And that brings me back to Charles Oakley.

Charles Oakley has had his problems as a person. Let's be honest, who hasn't?

Photo: New York Daily News
But Charles Oakley gave his blood, sweat and tears to this New York Knick organization for 10 years.  Working his tail off during some of the better Knicks seasons, he always gave 100%.  In some regards, he should be remembered as a passionate player and leader and loosely named New York icon.  Fans love him!

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After all... he's right there when folks rattle off Knicks of years past with Patrick Ewing and Johnny Starks.  Bottom line... Oak was right there, and now years later because of some personal spat between he and James "Cry baby" Dolan... the man is just "not welcome" by the Knicks anymore.

Now what happened this past week was insane to me.  Oak was at the Garden and Oak was asked to leave.  It wasn't that Charles Oakley was spilling beer on folks and looking for a fight.  Charles Oakley got a ticket like every Knick fan that night.  No doubt... he was rooting, and maybe in some regard, he may have even been shouting frustrations like many fans. Maybe some of that was at James Dolan.  We don't know... but what we do know is Dolan didn't like it, and that confrontation between Oak and security only happened because Dolan called his minions to have Oakley removed. 

But let me ask you something? Wouldn't a normal person have a one-on-one and squash the beef? Maybe an office meeting? Maybe you take it out into the hallway? Not Dolan... he's a wimp. Look at how pathetic he looks while his little minions are surrounding the superstar? Spineless much? "Wasn't me!"

Now someone asked me, "Did you see Oakley push those security guards?"  I quickly chimed in... "Acutally, did you see that security guard put his hands on Oakley, and then did you see Oakley push those security guards in defense?"  If someone was to touch me in a public forum because some bitch owner called for the order... I'd get physical too.  Oak and Dolan have a history... They hate each other.... last time I checked though... this was America! And if you want to go to a ball game, pay money for a ticket and get alittle loud about a team you played for and loved... you should be able to do that.

Sadly, Dolan thinks he's powerful in some regard and took his power to another level trying to humiliate a former Knick great.  He made a vital mistake, just like he's done with the Knicks and everything else he has dirty, fat fingers in.

If life tells you anything about humanity, humility and good and bad choices... karma will be on Oakley's side here.  The Knicks were wounded by this horrible display by James Dolan, not a leader... a baby.  That team will fall apart, their "stars" will fade, and Dolan's "empire" will be soon damaged. And this is why I believe that.... it comes down to reputation.

Charles Oakley is speaking out defending himself to the media hard... and he should! If Charles Oakley was truly guilty, he would go "get help", a shameful statement from Dolan, and then apologize and disappear.  But he won't, because in the trait of a human being, it is well documented... that if you truly are innocent, or believe you are wronged... you will fight back because your reputation is on the line. Notice Dolan is using the Knicks "press release". Notice Oakley took the gloves off and going man to man... a tough cookie, just like his playing days.

Oakley's fighting back because Oakley knows he is the victim here.  Dolan? He needs to go away.  He's a pathetic excuse for leadership. Don't believe me?

Just look at the pitiful Knicks.

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