Thursday, February 16, 2017


There is no question Michael Pineda was supposed to be the next big thing. A big strong, young pitcher that we were getting for the now chubby Jesus Montero a few years ago. Everyone saw it as a win for us... but neither team won. The Mariners and the Yankees haven't gained much from either guy... and Montero is long gone from Seattle.

But we still have Pineda... and I'm going to make statement... if Michael Pineda can stay in control and finish batters... he will have the year we've all be waiting for.

Pete Caldera of the Bergen Record has a great article today about Pineda and I wanted to share some of it:

(Photo: Jonathan Dyer, USA TODAY Sports)
"...both Pineda and the Yankees really hope it happens this year. Given the thin nature of the Yanks’ rotation, the organization needs Pineda to finally fulfill the promise of being a frontline starter. And Pineda is entering his free-agent walk season, with millions of dollars shinging on his 2017 season....

As CC Sabathia said earlier this week, 'I always come into spring training saying this is the year he’s going to win the Cy Young. He just has so much talent, he just needs to put everything together. But he’s right there.'’’

Pineda needs to get over the hump.  Everyone is rooting for him... I feel like this could be the year!

Nice work Caldera... you da man!

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