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Umpires are expected to (even though they don't always) get the call right just like sports writers are supposed to report accurate news stories.

There's a difference between a rumor or opinion piece and a straight news piece. That's what we decifer here on BYB and have been doing it for a long, long time.  I woke up, logged onto my computer just itching to read some interesting tidbit about the first day of Spring Training because I have intense baseball fever at this point, but instead found something that I do not entirely agree with.

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We are just one day away until the arbitrary hearing for Dellin Betances. The Yankees and Betances are two million dollars apart. In the grand scheme of things, that is pocket change for the Yankees. I find it hard to believe that they couldn't just meet in the middle and call it a day but....whatever. Does Betances feel like he is entitled to the closing job and that is why he deserves a raise from the $507,000 league minimum to five million? I guess so and maybe this is him just taking a stand. Arbitration hearings happen a lot in baseball, but this one is being covered so much it sounds like a damn soap opera, and I hate soap operas.

It has been reported by multiple sources that Betances was indeed a "no show" on Tuesday, which isn't inaccurate. Yes, he did not report the first day or yesterday. However some articles like THIS one for example are making this over the top. I do read this blog a lot, but this is one area I have to disagree.

July 11, 2016 - Source: Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images North America
First, I really don't think there is any "love lost" between the Yankees and Betances. He came up through the Yankees farm and he is one of our own. He was part of the dynamic closing trio known as the "Three headed monster" and he was the last one standing after the Yankees traded Andrew Miller and Aroldis Chapman away. He had some big shoes to fill after wards and he did. Hal Steinbrenner said it best the Yankees love Dellin and they have no reason not to. This is part of the business and he has a right to this hearing thanks to the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The Yankees have avoided these for a while, but the process is what it is. The Yankees wouldn't fall out of love with him over a two million dollar gap.

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Second, Betances is also playing the World Baseball Classic so he is technically excused until February 22nd. Also, if Betances really wants his five million dollars he better not get injured at camp because then the Yankees probably win their case and pay him less. It's in his own best interest, really and it's not a crime. Are these the reasons he has for not reporting like everyone else? Probably not, but it doesn't matter so arguing it would be pointless.

Third, Betances has a proven track record so saying that he has "given every indication that he is not quite ready for prime time in the big leagues" is simply false. Betances has been an All-Star the last three years. He also has a 1.93 ERA in 217 appearances and struck out an MLB best 392 batters in 247 innings. How is he not ready? His stats show otherwise. He's done his job so I don't understand the idea that "the Yankees shouldn't have to hand-hold a 29 year old man, especially when there are more than adequate replacements to get the job done." I have to stop a minute here.....HUH?! Who is holding his hand, exactly?

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The Yankees have not coddled him and they wouldn't. They gave him the closing job at the end of the season didn't they? Oh and who are these adequate replacements? Tyler Clippard? Believe me when I say after watching him closely with the Diamondbacks he is not on the same level as Betances and he has been bounced around from team to team since 2014. That says a lot right there. The Yankees may have a lot of promising arms on the farm, but none have his track record or EXPERIENCE as a set-up man or a closer. He's one of the best in the game. That is something you cannot easily replace or discount. 

Lastly, the one thing that made me face palm myself was the obvious typo that Betances was called a starter. At one point in time, he was a starting pitcher but the Yankees moved him from the rotation into a relief role in early this is clearly a huge mistake that I can't even begin to try and justify for a Yankees writer.

I get it, an arbitration hearing for the Yankees is a big deal because after all we have a history of throwing money out like candy but it's a new era. I think the hype is at best overly dramatic if not completely misleading. This is baseball folks, arbitration hearings happen. It's not Divorce Court. Let's just see what happens and relax, shall we?

--Jeana Bellezza
BYB Managing Editor
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