Sunday, January 29, 2017


Who would have thought... my goodness.

This is a great nugget for the BYB audience. Enough to get them fired up on a Sunday morning.  Enough to make you say, "Wait... Pedro Martinez is a good guy?"

(April 7, 2016 - Source: Leon Halip/Getty Images North America)
Now truth be told, I hated Pedro when he was with the Red Sox.  His arrogance dripped and he was a very good pitcher in his time, no question. Now however, watching his commentary, he doesn't bother me at all. Turns out he doesn't bother Luis Severino either.  Sevy is looking for some help to make him dominant in 2017... and Pedro took his phone call. writes:

"Pitching coach Larry Rothschild blamed Severino's struggles on a bevy of problems, including poor fastball command, a loss of confidence in his changeup, a flat slider and a tendency to overthrow.

Severino said he worked on all of that in the Dominican Republic, even spending time with a Yankees nemesis.

(April 7, 2016 - Source: Leon Halip/Getty Images North America)'
'I had the honor to work with Pedro Martinez,' said Severino, who's had a relationship with the Hall of Famer since 2015.

Severino and Martinez worked together for a few days.

'We focused on mechanics,' Severino said. 'That's something Larry told me to do. My mechanics, my release point -- trying to fix it all.'

So, progress

'I'm doing very well,' he said. 'I've been throwing my bullpen and my changeup is way better than last year. My fastball location is better, too. So hopefully in spring training it'll be good.'"

Photo: Getty Images
Hey, when you need help, it doesn't matter who it is.  If you have common interest, and there's no personal bad blood between the 2 of you... you ask for help.  Sometimes you never know what will happen. 

The strangest thing in this piece?  Watching the awkwardness of the Record guys talking in their Record studio about the Yankee young guns.

I love the idea, but they are smart guys... they deserve a studio, they deserve to not have to whisper. Hey, maybe throw a tie on and run a brush through your hair. Overall though, in this day and age, I think this is a great idea. Now? I don't like it so much.

Anyway, I like that Sevy isn't too proud to reach out.  I think it shows his determination to be a winner. I like this... and I love this story. Good work 

Happy Sunday.

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