Monday, January 30, 2017


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Yes, I know... I promised to get you some stuff from Ty Hensley and his family after the Rays snatched him from the Yankees. Forgive me, I've been insanely busy and I haven't yet got to reach out to Ty and Marci (his mom), but I promise to get it done.

In the meantime, I wanted to share portions of a story I must of missed.  Sam Dykstra of has a good piece here. I'm taking portions of it for my BYB audience. Enjoy it:

"Hensley knew the Rule 5 Draft was that morning, but without an inkling that he'd be taken, the 2012 Yankees first-rounder headed out for his usual 10 a.m. workout, only to return to a cell phone quickly filling up with texts.

I found out like everyone else,' he said. 'When I started reading all those texts, I kept thinking, 'What?' Then I went downstairs, turned on the TV and thought, 'Oh wow!''...

Hensley traces a pretty straight line to his optimism.

'I think it comes down to what my parents taught me -- anything worth doing is worth working for, no matter the obstacles,' he said. 'With the hip surgery, I felt like I was going to have to have it at some point. I was always tight in the hips. But every year I've gotten further from it, I've felt better and feel like a better athlete. The arm surgeries, well, that's the bread and butter, if you're a pitcher. So I've needed my parents and that supporting cast to help me see the bright light at the end of the tunnel.' 

While the bright light for many means the Show, Hensley will take pitching on a Minor League mound as his immediate goal for 2017, and he thinks he'll succeed with the backing of a new organization that believes in him.

'I guess I haven't thought that far ahead,' he said. 'The most important thing is what I'm doing each and every day. That's the one thing you learn when you're going through this process, to take it day by day because there are too many things to think about even that way. Do that and the bigger things will come.'"

Great parents bring great drive in Ty.  We've stated it at BYB a million times.  We love this kid.  We love both he and Jake Hensley's drive and these are just great people.

This is now a big opportunity for Ty Hensley with the Rays! We wish him well.

And yes folks... I will get that interview with Ty.... as soon as I lighten my load a bit. Promise!

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