Saturday, January 21, 2017


Dellin Betances ready to hold the Yankees' feet to fire in arbitration. That is the titled of the New York Post's story about Dellin Betances and his upcoming arbitration case.  While I believe in fighting for your worth, and I know the Betances did a pretty decent job for us early on... I'm not sure I agree with this one.

The Post writes:

"Dellin Betances’ grip on the business of baseball is as firm as the hand that smothers the baseball when he delivers fastballs that look like aspirins and bowel-locking curveballs.

With Betances and the Yankees $2 million apart and headed for an arbitration hearing in Betances’ initial dance with the process, the three-time All-Star said he believes the $5 million he asked for is a righteous request.

'I felt that was a good number for us,’ said Betances, who is represented by Jim Murray. 'What I have done for the first three years for the team, we are asking for a fair number and I just want to be treated fairly. That’s all I ask to be honest with you.'"

(Rich Schultz/Getty)
I wish the kid well. 

My opinion on this is simple. I feel like Dellin didn't get the closing gig, feels like he should of had it, and this is his way of making a point.  I could be wrong, but that's how I feel. In the end, maybe they meet in the middle.  In the end, maybe he gets nothing and has to show up to Spring Training alittle more humble... or maybe he gets it all and comes out ready to play.  Whatever the case, I know that Betances is a gamer. I know he will still work hard no matter what. 

But it's about business... and that's what is happening now.  I wish the kid well.  I really do... I just hope he gets what he needs.

Good luck Dellin.

Happy Saturday.

American Eagle

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