Sunday, January 29, 2017


We have turned into a nation that is too politically correct.  That being said, if something truly is offensive, like Chief Wahoo, a discussion needs to happen and maybe even action.  Rob Manfred is a guy that has done many things right since he came over to replace a pretty lame Bud Selig, and he's started a dialog about it with the Indians owner. Why now? Because the Indians will be hosting the All-Star game in 2019.

Will anything change? Who knows, but I do know this... If there was a team called the New York WOPS... I'd have an opinion, trust me.

Hardball Talk has the story:

Photo: Illustration of a much older version of Chief Wahoo
"Manfred and Indians owner Paul Dolan met to discuss Wahoo before the All-Star Game announcement. They are not talking about those conversations other than acknowledging that they occurred:

'I’m not going to speculate on what I want the end of the process to be,' Manfred when asked about Chief Wahoo after the All-Star Game announcement. 'Paul has been fantastic about engaging. We’ve had a number of conversations... I want those conversations to continue and I think we’ll produce a result that will be good for the Indians and good for baseball. But what exactly that is I don’t want to speculate.'

If the end process is not the total elimination of Chief Wahoo, than Major League Baseball has squandered the best chance it will ever have to exert any sort of pressure on the Indians about this."

We'll keep an eye on this for you. It's very interesting.


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