Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Wow that was hard! That's what she said...

oh snap!

Hey... seriously! I got a lot of stuff hashed out in the past 24 hours involving this little thing called Bleeding Yankee Blue. We have a terrific product and excellent writers that you look forward to reading every morning over coffee. The good news that has been long established and looking through all the data, it's clear... it's working! I would however like more writers with the same drive and passion as ours! Read  BLEEDING YANKEE BLUE IS RAISING THE BAR and if you are seriously interested, I want to talk to you.  We will help you. We are looking for new ones, mold-able ones.

Writers that have guts and that want to learn and experience what it's like to compete with the big guys in the blog world. We've been doing it since 2010... we have no intention of stopping.  We want you if you want to make a name for themselves. We will get you the experience and the confidence to one day be a big time sports writer. It's what we do...

Yesterday was therapeutic for me. I went through a ton of stuff. I was trying to figure out if we should up our merchandise in 2017, if we want to re-design... maybe try some new stuff. I needed to tweak a few things, and trust me, I got some rest too.  I also had to map my new computer, my new home of BYB.  That was exciting! 

But hey, I'm not gonna lie... not thinking about content for 24 hours on BYB was a bit refreshing.
It recharged my battery and had me craving writing again by the end of yesterday. And so, here we are.

Now, what you see is the same, but there are a lot of moving parts happening behind the scenes that you don't see that needed to be figured out and done, and ultimately that will help us one day build a bigger and better product.   Thank you for your patience. We're back and we love you.

Now... on to more stories...

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