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I have always loved the movie Young Guns. Not so much the sequel...too much Christian Slater.
Anyway, it's a great story about a young Billy The Kid and his crew of Regulators. We have a similar story taking shape in the Bronx and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

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I have to admit I didn't shed a single tear upon hearing that Carlos "Charlie Bone Spur" Beltran signed with the Astros. Look, he is a really good guy, a hell of a hitter (at times) and was a pretty solid Yankee (when healthy). He wanted to come back after being dealt to Texas and boring the Lone Star State to tears. I can appreciate that, but his asking price was COCO PUFFS! Even for a year. 
(May 31, 2016 - Source: Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images North America)
So the Astros ponied up the chicken to land him and he and Brian McCann (still can't believe he didn't work out) can mentor the relatively young Houston club. They were both stand up guys while in New York. I wish them well.
(Feb. 26, 2015 - Source: Brian Blanco/Getty Images North America)
The bigger story is that Brian Cashman has become the guy that he was praised as when he was a kid in the organization. He is making us the Million Dollar Man...BETTER, STRONGER, FASTER...and YOUNGER! Gone are the days of dropping a boat load of green on an old player with a past due reputation. Beltran would have been an OLD Cashman move. And I'll bet you dollars to donuts he would have come up limping after running down a liner to the gap or hustling down to 1st...considering he wasn't going to see the field. He's old. We dodged a bad deal. Although, truth be hold, Matt Holliday is 36, not sure it's much better, but whatever the case, this is a wonderful new gang.

(Aug. 29, 2015 - Source: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images North America)
Look at our possible cast of Young Guns....Bird, Judge, Frazier, Sevy, Sanchez, Austin....I mean it staggering. And, because we didn't bite on a Beltran deal we are in great shape to take a realistic swing at a Machado or Harper down the line. The Yankees could be rebuilding a NEW Battle Station! 

(Oh I fully root for the Empire in the Star Wars movies...except for Han Solo who is the best ever. Luke is a geeky kid who kissed his sister and I don't buy them having the...anyway. The Death Star is a metaphor for building a massive, powerful team). 

This was a strange non-move Christmas present to the Yankee fan! Normally we look under the tree and see a big ticket free agent (CC, Tex etc...). This year, we stand pat and hold our course. I dig it like the 1st Young Guns. 

This looks like we are being Skippered by the Ghost of Christmas Past...a Stick Michael's Christmas Carol!!

I'm truly excited to watch this club go!

This song is awesome! I think its from the sequel...but it's my tag line to end with music.

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