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It's crazy to me that Mark Teixeira is now retired, but I'm thrilled about the future.  Teixeira is too apparently. has this great little story basically giving the nod to Greg Bird, our future first baseman as Mark passed the torch so to speak the moment he walked into the sunset from the Bronx.  I wanted to share this, it's great. Nice work Lou DiPietro:

"Teixeira was at the Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center on Wednesday to be part of a panel discussion on youth sports, but he also took time out to extol the virtues of the Yankees' youth, specifically one of the men vying to be his immediate successor at first base.

Courtesy: New York Daily News
'I am a big fan of Greg Bird. What he proved in the 2015 season, coming in and really performing at a high level, we know the talent is there,' Teixeira said. 'I loved the way he handled himself in the clubhouse, and I love the way he handled himself with the media. He has everything it takes.'...

'He's coming off a major shoulder surgery, so he might be a little rusty, and I would just tell him, 'Listen, you're not going to hit your 30 home runs in April,' Teixeira said. 'I went through it as much as anybody, and I know you're going to have ups and downs, but everything is there for Greg Bird, and the experience of playing in Yankee Stadium already is going to be a huge asset for him moving forward.'"

(Sept. 5, 2015 - Source: Jim McIsaac/Getty Images North America)
And here's my favorite part about Teixeira.  Being accessible to the young players if needed:

"'The last thing I want to do right now is go to Spring Training and hang out, but everybody has my phone number. If a guy like Birdie or anybody wants to call me, I'd love to help out anybody.'"

Mark has developed into a Yankee. I've never said that until now. Crazy. I know, I've ripped the guy alittle over the years, but I still know he's a good man and dedicated to the game, and the team and ultimately, he gets it.

I don't know... I just felt like this was a nice wholesome piece of a former Yankee passing the torch to the newbie.  Plus... it's kind of exciting.

Bring on 2017!

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