Monday, December 26, 2016


We've been pretty supportive of Rod Carew and all he's going through with his recent heart and kidney transplant around this holiday season here at BYB. We've reported just how terrible it is for him and his family to go through.  Read ROD CAREW'S FIGHT for more.

Well, I'd be a fool to not report on Mel Stottlemyre who is battling cancer and it's equally sad and terrible to read about.  There was alittle news that came out about Mel the last few days around the holiday and I just wanted to get you up to speed.

The New York Daily News has this story:

"Mel Stottlemyre has rallied again against illness, as he has so many times since being diagnosed with cancer in 1999. 'He’s doing much better,' Stottlemyre’s wife, Jean, said by phone on Saturday. 'We saw a big turnaround with Mel over the last 24 hours. He’s not in a life-threatening situation right now.'... Fears were raised publicly when Stottlemyre’s son, Todd, himself a former major-league pitcher, on Friday wrote on Facebook that his dad was “fighting for his life" in the hospital.

By Saturday afternoon, however, Jean wanted to assure fans and well-wishers that Stottlemyre was recovering quickly from the sickness. 'It’s not the cancer,' she said. 'It was that he got sick from the chemo medicine. He was given anti-biotics to fight infection and he’s responded well.'"

No question a son seeing his father going through such a tough situation is allowed and warranted. Todd was expressing himself... the frustration... the sadness.  It's just such a hard thing to watch...when a father, someone who has been so strong in a son's life suddenly take a turn.  But the Stottlemyres are fearless men, and no doubt we will be watching this story very closely for all of you!

I didn't want to ignore this story.  Mel's been part of the Yankee family forever.  We gotta report it and I just wanted to get you all up to speed.

Get well soon Mel, we love you!

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