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There is so much crap out there right now when it comes to Aroldis Chapman, you just have to chalk it up to 'fake news' until the deal with the Yankees is done.  That's me being ultra-positive that the deal with New York will happen. I am not saying I know anything. I'm not some big liar here in the 'baseball insider' world. I'm just being honest... it's a gut thing.  This is what I think, and hey, that's why you come to BYB... honesty. I thank you for that.

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Aroldis Chapman will come back to the New York Yankees on a 4 year deal worth about $60 million. That is what I believe will go down. I know, the number is more obscene than what we want to spend, but this is what I'm going with.  Again... it's a gut thing.   I feel this way because the Yankees love him, he's a star athlete, he will get eyeballs, and he's dominant.  Aroldis Chapman likes it in New York as well, even though he won in Chicago. In Chicago, it was strictly business, but in New York, he can win too. Plus, he'd be top dog in the Bronx... no more Derek Jeter over there. You see what I mean? Star Power.

Now, there's a lot of crap out there, one of which states that suddenly the Jon Heyman report that Chapman wants $100 million is "false".  Elite Sports NY writes: "According to Jon Heyman, Aroldis Chapman’s wild request of $100 million this offseason has been deemed “untrue.”...Sportrac estimates his market value to be worth a four-year, $56 million deal with a yearly salary of just over $14 million."

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Not a single source backing this story, folks. Not ONE. Trust me, there is no doubt that Chapman's people threw that $100 million number out there. Anyone in business knows you aim high and negotiate later. So this ridiculous idea that Chapman asked for what he asked for after an outstanding playoff and World Series would just be ridiculous. HE DID, bottom line. I mean Jesus... have you ever sold a house?

So yeah, that's quickly shot down. In the end, I'm telling you... 4 years, maybe a 5th... and $60 million. I'm going with that for him to come back to the Bronx. Again... I know nothing... just business and my gut.

(Oct. 29, 2016 - Source: Elsa/Getty Images North America)
Now... secondly this report surfaced. Another wacky one, so get ready. And by the way, again, I have no secondly independent source on this, that's because it's crap.

CubsHQ ( I know, I've never heard of them either) writes:

"Former Chicago Cubs closer Aroldis Chapman is currently at David Ortiz's charity event in Punta Cana on Friday afternoon and said that he is open to returning to the World Series champions. 'Love to get back to Cubs, we are in negotiations, but not up to me...'

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And that's how you know this story is horseshit, because every player and every fan knows, IT'S ABSOLUTELY UP TO THE PLAYER.  It comes down to money, yes, but it comes down to what the player's heart truly wants as well. 

Don't believe everything you read, unless it's a legit news source or at least honest reporting.

Now, here's a legit story from a real reporter, Ken Davidoff. The New York Post wrote today of Cashman:

"He expressed no concerns that a delay in acting would cost his team any players. Realistically, no major free agent the Yankees seriously want, particularly Chapman, will make a move without waiting for the Yankees’ best and final offer."

(Source: WLWT)
That's Ken Davidoff. That's legit folks and trust me when I tell you... the Yankees are all in with Aroldis Chapman. They are in the thick of it, and I am of the belief that they will get their man in the end.

We're honest here at BYB. No B.S.  Sorry to be so aggravated and annoyed. We needed to straighten that out for everyone. Fake News is killing journalism... because not every writer is a journalist.  Sweet lord, help this industry.

Carry on.

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