Saturday, November 12, 2016


And you know what? Good for them, the Yankees should continue to go along the lines of getting any big time prospects they can, much like they did with the trading of Andrew Miller and Aroldis Chapman.  Continue to get younger. Continue to get better.

The New York Post has a great story today about Brian McCann and what the Yankees would like to do here.  As you know, we have been following the McCann story closely here at BYB... most recently writing THE ASTROS WANT BRIAN McCANN...

Now... there's more to this, and it involves another team the Yankees spoke to about McCann, the Atlanta Braves.  Both the Astros and Braves are logical landing spots, but the Yankees want what they deserve... alot.

"McCann has a full no-trade clause, but would welcome a trade back to his hometown Braves or a move to the contending Astros, who want to add offense. It was reported Friday by that the Yankees would be willing to eat half of McCann’s contract, but would need multiple top young prospects. Evidently the bar is even higher than that. Preferably that would take a “super’’ prospect, most likely a pitcher..."

And just like that, the Yankees will continue to try and build their farm system, but only if a team bites on the McCann idea. Plus, McCann's gotta want to go, and who knows how easy that will be.  We will just need to see.

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