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I'm starting to see a lot of Chase Headley chatter out there but I'm not really surprised. Teams know that we are in rebuilding mode and we will entertain offers for good prospects. I just don't think that this particular rumor has any real potential behind it but you never know. Baseball is unpredictable, right?
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According to Ken Rosenthal HERE the Yankees are "open" to trading Chase Headley....and to that I say of course they are. Headley is by no means a superstar third basemen. His breakout year was back in 2012 with the Padres and we haven't seen that kind pf performance she he has been a Yankee. He's a serviceable player but not untouchable. The Yankees wouldn't mind cutting him loose if there was someone out there that really wanted him AND if they were going to get some really nice prospects in return and he's not going to bring in that good of a return.

So far in the off-season we have seen names floated with potential suitors. There were clear trade targets for Brian McCann but Headley hasn't had any particular team put their name out there. I guess if we were going to analyze who the Yankees MIGHT match up with for a trade I could make a stretch and say the Milwaukee Brewers.....but again this is a stretch.

So let's speculate a little. The Brewers would probably like to tighten up their infield defense. Headley can be prone to errors at times, but he would still be an upgrade for them. He would also give them some flexibility in their lineup. Who couldn't use a switch hitter? The move would make sense for the Brewers but I'm afraid it really doesn't make any sense for the Yankees. I can't find any name in their organization that really helps our cause with the Youth movement and giving building blocks for the future.

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I've seen Martin Maldonado floated as a potential trade piece for the Brewers but he's not a piece the Yankees need. He's a catcher and I think the Yankees would be better suited with Austin Romine as a backup then Maldonado.'s really not beneficial.

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The third base market is thin this season....just like every other position. The Yankees would be better off just keeping Headley. The most attractive piece on the market would be Justin Turner but Headley only has two years left on his contract and Turner is going to want a longer commitment. Not to knock on Turner, he had a nice season with a .275 BA, 27 home runs and 90 RBIs but signing him would mean losing a draft pick. At this point, I would rather continue with the Yankees current strategy, keep my draft pick and continue building the farm.

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Headley could be an attractive piece to some team out there, but at this stage of the game I think it makes more sense to keep him. I believe Ronald Torreyes could be the future for the Yankees at third base but he is not ready yet. Let him continue to develop and in the mean time, keep Headley. I'm thinking long term here and it makes more sense for the Yankees to keep him.

 --Jeana Bellezza
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