Wednesday, November 2, 2016


This is just a quick note, but a significant one and I just wanted to put it out there.  You guys know that there's going to be a 2017 World Baseball Classic, right? Well, they are forming their preliminary roster and the committee has chosen Dellin Betances to be one of the 50 players on Team USA.  As you can imagine, fellow Bronx native and BYB writer Erica Morales will definitely be excited.

Now I mentioned that Betances has been chosen for Team USA, but that may not be the only Yankee in the Classic.  I was reading Bronx Baseball Daily and they offered this nugget...

"While Betances is the only Yankee on Team USA, it’s possible other Yankees partake in the World Baseball Classic for their respective countries, notably Masahiro Tanaka (Japan), Didi Gregorius (Netherlands) and Gary Sanchez (Dominican Republic)."

Whatever the case, it's a fun  thing and I will be looking forward to it because it's gonna be baseball alittle earlier than the actual MLB season.  Gotta love free baseball.

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