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Happy Thanksgiving, Yankee Universe! 

Every year when this holiday rolls around, Yankee fans everywhere follow our team extra closely,  imagining which players will be in pinstripes before Opening Day. With it so many months away, it always reminds me how tough it is to be one of us this time of year.
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Given the team’s storied history and incredible record of success, fans of other teams may scoff at us, and they can just never understand. But being a Yankee fan means winning it all, and anything less is failure. We didn't win, and now we're looking at the possibilities for winning it all next year... it becomes the new imperative. And the truly mind-boggling part of THAT exercise is that the possibilities are always virtually limitless. They’re the only team in sports that can shock and amaze equally by making multiple mega-deals or by making no deals at all! And that’s just the Yankee Hot Stove!

Yep, in season or out, there’s no question being a Yankee fan can be a wild ride. But even when we don’t get everything we want at the the end of a season, I think it’s a pity more of us don’t take time to stop and savor all the moments during the regular season that only this glorious team could’ve given us. Those moments are treasures and forever memories. And on this Thanksgiving day, that’s my plan.

I want to thank the good Lord for making me a Yankee fan this year because of…

The majesty of No Runs DMC. Dellin to Miller to Chapman. Oh my. 

Didi fully stepping into the Captain’s cleats and making middle-infield magic that could last for years.
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Tyler and Aaron hitting back-to-back dingers in their first career at bats. History-making in so many ways…and just another Yankee thing to so many others.

Another year of Tanaka making monkeys out of hitters and every amateur cereal box surgeon who insisted only TJ surgery could save his arm from snapping off and go flying over the backstop.

(Aug. 26, 2016 - Source: Christopher Pasatieri/Getty Images North America)
The amazing two months of The Kraken. Just... just… screw it. Words simply fail me.

Tex becoming an ex. I hope to see you in Cooperstown someday.

(Source: Mike Stobe/Getty Images North America)
Alex’s final inning as a New York Yankee. I know I’ll see you there someday.

The trade deadline massacre and the departure of Miller. We didn’t have you long, but you’ll always be my second favorite 'Andy' who ever wore the pinstripes.

The playoff hunt led by the youngsters. A season resurrected… and a delicious glimpse of *gasp* future possibilities.

Brian’s prospect safari -- shutting up forever everyone who ever said he could only buy players.

For these gifts I’m truly thankful.

Now, let’s eat! Time to enjoy this year’s bird, and be thankful that next year’s Bird, as he is alive and well and getting ready for spring training! 

Happy Thanksgiving!

 --Barry Millman
BYB Writer
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