Wednesday, November 16, 2016


In this blog community, blogosphere of writers, we write about rumors, we write about passion, we write about scores, stats, and superstars. We quote from the traditional media and we re-tweet the best stories and nuggets there are. We are a professional network of writers who take pride in their work. And we serve our fans and our teams in ways that only passion-filled people can.
So, when I had the chance to feature our fearless Editor in Chief Robert Casey as a guest "Skyper" in my college-level social media course last night, I could not have been happier. We discussed blogging and its place in the media as a staple for authentic news, a fan's voice and a hub where people go to find insight and an alternate opinion on today's stories.

Casey engaged the new generation of bloggers who had ideas for their own blogs on subjects such as Food, Books, Disney and of course other sports teams from soccer to football.  It was a session filled with ideas and possibilities.  So while the Yankees are home growing their farm, perhaps we are doing the same in the blog world.  Young talented writers looking to contribute the alternate media of their time.

The Web really was a meritocracy, a talent show open to anyone who was willing to work at writing and building an audience. I'd seen that for myself.” --(Fry, 2010)- Author of the Blog -Faith and Fear in Flushing

So whether there is truth in the rumor that the Yankees could give up several prospects for Mike Trout or if Mike Trout is staying right where he is, there will always be opinions based on fact and speculation on either side.  The next best post could be a nugget of someone else's idea that just takes off.  That's engaging your audience, that's the beauty of our blogosphere and that's the beauty of BYB.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

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