Monday, November 14, 2016


It's days like this you wish Wally Matthews was still writing for ESPN, because at least then there would actually be integrity and a real a story behind the headline MLB Rumor Central: Growing interest in Brett Gardner?

But there isn't anything in that story at all... 

"Several teams in need of a left-handed bat could inquire about the availability of outfielder New York Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner, reports Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe... 

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports speculated last week the Houston Astros, who have a lineup heavy on righty hitters and some money to spend, might be interested in Gardner..."

And so, ESPN falls flat and it's utterly embarassing. Where are the teams? Which teams? Where are the nuggets other than the Astros once hinted by a Fox Sports guy?  Really ESPN?

You want the nugget, right? I mean even our smart BYB readers can speculate like ESPN just did.  What the hell? And here's that Boston Globe hint they offered...

" Brett Gardner, LF, Yankees — Expect a few teams to inquire about Gardner’s availability, ones that could use a lefthanded bat/leadoff hitter. Gardner could bring back prospects to add to the Yankees’ war chest. “Open to listening on anything,” said GM Brian Cashman."

That's it??? When was the last time you went on BYB to find NO news? I guess, right now!  Here's a perfect example of horrible journalism brought to you by ESPN who literally formulated a fake story to click on... and yes.. we clicked on it, even me.


So no, there are no specific teams. And we can only guess that there will be teams interested in Brett Gardner. But to say that there is "Growing Interest" is freaking ridiculous.

God I miss Wally.


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