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Anyone who reads BYB knows that I was able to offer a great nugget about Carlos Beltran and the Yankees the other day. It was a BYB exclusive of sorts, but don't call me a 'baseball insider'... that would be stupid.

If you missed it, read THAT CARLOS BELTRAN REUNION IS REAL, but if you're hasty, read these magical words...

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"...my source tells me "Beltran and the Yankees have an understanding that he wants to end his career a New York Yankee.  While the trade to the Rangers was business, ultimately the Yankees know Beltran can help their club as a DH, and in the end, he gets to finish his career in the Bronx."

...while Beltran won't come SUPER cheap for his services, a one year deal with Carlos works out a helluva lot better than 4 years, $55 million with Edwin.... you know what I mean?"

Now comes word from Joel Sherman of the New York Post the following... "The executives say that beyond the obvious – Beltran, even with his 40th birthday approaching in April, remains a high-end switch-hitter – he is attractive because he has no draft pick compensation attached to him and probably could be had on a one-year deal that falls in the $15 million-to-$18 million range."

Sounds familiar.

Now, many things run through my mind here.  For one... would it kill Joel Sherman to just give me the tout on that story? I mean, we all know Bleeding Yankee Blue had the info before this came out. Sherman had to make it his... come on man.

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Secondly.... this.... It's true, a 1 year deal with Beltran makes the most sense, and the Yankees are right there to make it happen.  Doing it would make he and Aaron Judge platoon at DH, or maybe Beltran who is 40 could just be the DH all together and Hicks would platoon with Judge in right.  For a one year deal, Beltran's bat is the only reason why we'd have him anyway.

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Now the Red Sox are looking at Beltran too.  So are the Astros.  But I gotta tell ya, my money's on the Yankees.  I just have a feeling based on that extra conversation that ONLY BLEEDING YANKEE BLUE HAS.  It's a relationship thing between Carlos and Yankee brass... and he's cheap... much cheaper than a Bautista or Cespedes or Encarnacion.

Will it happen? Right this moment I'm gonna say 'yes'.  When? Soon.  That's all I can say right now... and again, I'm no 'baseball insider'... whatever that means. I'm just a guy with a source and a nugget that was floated to me, and I'm floating it to you.  I'm using my opinion to tell you that I think a Yankee-Beltran reunion is gonna happen.

Let's see who's right in the end...

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