Saturday, October 15, 2016


This is just a small nugget I saw from WFAN about Don Larsen.  Now, if you are part of the BYB faithful, you know that we interviewed Mr. Larsen at the Yogi Berra Museum a few years back.

Read DON LARSEN TALKS TO BLEEDING YANKEE BLUE if you wanna catch up. That's when Yogi was alive, (I can't believe I'm saying that), and the event was wonderful.

Anyway,  WFAN's nugget goes like this:

"Sixty years later, that milestone still stands strong. It’s a mark that may last forever, and one that most baseball fans will remember Larsen for. The 87-year-old himself actually remembers it every single day... 'I probably think about it at least 10, 20 times a day,” Larsen told me on “The Jake Brown Show” on CBS Radio’s “You know I get into wondering things or read the paper or this and that or watch the other sports when I read or watch it on TV. It automatically comes to me.'”

Don Larsen is one of the nicest men alive.  When we interview him in 2012, it was right around that time that he was auctioning off items so he could collect money for his grand kids, so they could go to college. He's got a great heart, and dammit he should think about that historic day alot, it was truly amazing. I love watching old tape of it.  As Larsen told us...

Don Larsen: "That's one of those things I'll never forget with Yogi and I. What it meant to us then, and what it'll mean to us as time goes on; it'll never be forgotten."

We love you Mr. Larsen.

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