Tuesday, October 18, 2016


I can't get enough of the post season.  I feel like it's my job to watch both sets of games and root for teams from cities beginning with the letter C.

The feedback on Twitter and other social media outlets are equally fun to read including this comment we received from one of our fans with regards to post-season pitching:

whitehorse67: "If the Cubs and Indians make the World Series, It's gonna be hard to chose one over the other...and how odd would that be, Chapman and Miller....lethal combination at the beginning of the season, then competitors at the end of the season...hahaha!"

Whitehorse67 couldn't be more correct in this assertion, as ironic and impossible as it sounds: two unlikely teams facing one another in a World Series with two former Yankee pitchers, who were part of the Trifecta of the Bronx bullpen, sans Dellin Betances, entertaining us this post season.

Brian Cashman has taken a lot of heat this past season and rightfully so.  We haven't made it to the World Series since 2009 and in the last three years, we have only made it to the post season once and that was the one and done Wild Card game against the Astros last year.  But, he may have had the right formula for the Cubs and Cleveland as both of their bull pen dwellers are stars of the post season in 2016.

Cashman shared some of his thoughts about his mid season sell off in July. “I’ve been on both sides and it takes guts,” Cashman said. “Theo Epstein [of the Cubs] and Chris Antonetti [of the Indians] thought differently than other teams and knew how important these guys were. They came up in a big way and improved their clubs and you want them to get what they bargained for. … They weren’t going for something ordinary. They were going for something special," reported the NY Post earlier this month. Truth be told, the three of these guys look like geniuses.  I mean, we may have picked the Cubs to go this far, but the Indians?

We at BYB have never been shy about our love for Andrew Miller and Aroldis Chapman including yours truly.  

Our fearless leader Robert Casey said this, "Any Yankee fan who is NOT rooting for Andrew Miller is a lunatic. He is loved and deeply missed in the Bronx. In other words, he made an impact while he was here and I wish we could one day get him back..." and Senior Writer Jeana Bellezza said this about the post season's lethal combo, "Andrew Miller is now fighting for a ring in Cleveland and Aroldis Chapman took what was already a dominant first half with the Yankees and somehow turned into a more dominant superhero closer. It's nice to see the Yankees old bullpen still kicking some ass in October!"

So the irony of two Yankee bullpen stars each carrying their team defensively in the late innings adds more drama and appeal to the post season.  We appreciate your comments and love to hear that you are excited as we are that we have Yankee representation in October baseball.

--Suzie Pinstripe, BYB Senior Staff Writer
BYB Hot Stove Columnist

Twitter: @suzieprof

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