Saturday, October 15, 2016


I would rather have the Indians in the World Series than the Blue Jays.  I know, it's mean, but there's something about the American League east that gets teams and their fans to be pretty damn competitive.

The Jays are great in every way, and maybe that's why I just don't want them there. I like and admire Terry Francona and to be honest, he's done a lot of good with that IndianS team... and so, that's where my head's at.

The Indians won Game 1 last night. 

The reason was because Francisco Lindor hit a 2 run homer in the 6th, and the rest was all Indians pitching... namely, our bud, Andrew Miller. 

Any Yankee fan who is NOT rooting for Andrew Miller is a lunatic.  He is loved and deeply missed in the Bronx.  In other words, he made an impact while he was here and I wish we could one day get him back... but as BYB reader and fan Frank Gentry points out... he's under contract by the Indians:
Anyway... that's really it.  Indians up 1 to zip in the ALCS.  Welcome to Believeland....

(In photo: Cleats of Francisco Lindor)

 Final: Indians 2 - Blue Jays 0

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