Saturday, October 15, 2016


You either love Tim Tebow or hate him.  I don't care either way.  If a guy works hard and tries to prove he can accomplish something for himself, I applaud it, and if his name is Tim Tebow, or Hank Tebow, or Tico Torres... so be it. (Tico Torres is the drummer for Bon Jovi. Sorry... it just flowed as I was writing this...)

Tim Tebow is getting some pretty crappy press, and it's coming from scouts who are checking him out at the Arizona Fall League. writes:

"We asked one of Major League scouts who watched Tebow closely this week ... a scout with big-league experience. Brace yourself. He didn't like anything he saw from Tebow...

'He was a little out of place and overmatched at this setting. He didn't look very athlete out there. He wasn't able to hit a good fastball. That's expected when you haven't played baseball in a long time. I think he's got a lot, a lot of work to do... I think he needs to lose some weight to have a little more athleticism because right now you can't really play him on defense because he's that bad. He can't read the ball. He's kind of slow and stiff out there.'"

Now look, it's 1 scout, of course he's not named and who knows if the scout actually likes Tebow... he could hate him and that assessment is apart of that. We've done that type of thing here at BYB when we had a guest writer give him thoughts on Tebow even attempting to go Pro. (Read ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, TIMMY!) Our guest writer admittedly didn't like Tebow, but more importantly didn't like the special treatment he got.  Opinions matter, but all sides matter too.

Whatever the case, Tebow, like him or hate him is on a mission and we'll see what happens. It could be the worst experience of his life.  It also could be a success. We don't know... but you gotta try to know for sure.

Just wanted to pass this along.

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