Friday, October 21, 2016


There is no other way of saying it... history is being made.

My oldest kid has been in a pretty grumpy mood lately.  It has nothing to do with his personality. Usually he's a pretty good kid, but for a 14 year old... these hours of watching these late games are killing him.  He wakes up later than he should after going to bed later than he should and, he's a grouch.  He goes to school... comes home, does his homework and then, for hours he reads his phone until game time looking at stats of these post-season players, watches video of highlights over and over and over again and in some instances, recognizes some of these dudes who played for other teams of years past and is just fully engaged to the point where it almost looks like a job for him.  I should have him write for BYB for crying out loud! 

Once these games are over, he's gonna have to go to bed earlier and re-program himself. Are we bad parents? No.  History is being made and he wants to witness it and I love every minute of it. It's all baseball for him, and he's rooting hard to see the Cubs in the World Series.  I'm happy it's clicked for him. He's a good ballplayer and a big baseball fan now to boot. I'm happy to see he really enjoys the game, and I'm not gonna lie; I love the fact that he follows all the players and teams and has no allegiance to 1 club right now. I'm fine with it.

Anyway, last night the Cubs won again, and are now just 1 game away from headed to the World Series which would take place in Cleveland Tuesday night.  Just for kicks I wish they would have Jake Taylor or Ricky Vaughn throw out the first pitch in Cleveland.

Then when they go back to Chicago, have Henry Rowengartner throw out the first pitch before that game.  Yup, I'm a pop culture nerd... what do you want from me?

The big inning last night for the Cubs was the 8th when they scored 5 runs.  It was then that the Cubs were just up 2-1 and it was then that my kid was screaming happiness into the TV.  Guys like Dexter Fowler, Kris Bryant and Javier Baez got hits when needed and when that happened, runs scored, the way baseball is supposed to be played.

Jon Lester was awesome and even though Chapman gave up 2 runs, he was able to shut down the Dodgers.  And just like that, the Cubs now head back to Wrigley field Saturday night for a game that could mean history for Chicago. Good for them. I hope they do it.

Final: Cubs 8 - Dodgers 4

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