Friday, October 21, 2016


The Internet is fascinating and I say that because this was just discovered by me, and I just want to say about it... I don't believe it, I don't find a single top rate publication backing or reporting it or anything like that.  But that being said... I was very intrigued.

Chatt Sports Net (I know, I never heard of it either) is reporting the following:

"McCutchen was once the face of the Pittsburgh Pirates but he struggled mightily this season. If the Pirates decide to trade him this winter, New York Yankees and Seattle Mariners are most likely his favored destinations.... the Yankees have several prospects who they can offer to Pirates to sweeten the deal. Although the Yankees already have Clint Frazier, they can afford to trade Luis Severino and Jorge Mateo who both struggled to live up to their hype..."

Now again, take from this rumor what you will. I've never heard of this Sports site, but I gotta tell you, I just like the fact that they threw it out there, although, the idea of giving up 2 prospects in Severino and Mateo would almost seem that they didn't do their homework.  First off... the Yankees are looking to stay young. Why give away youth for age at this point? It makes no sense.  Secondly, it's not true about Mateo and Severino "living up to the hype". Three... why trade a guy who's nearly 30 and a center fielder, something we already have in Ellsbury, for a  21 year old infielder who ended his second season in Tampa with a .254 average, 8 homers and 36 stolen bases?

And look at Severino.  He may not have a future as a Yankee starter (or maybe he does, he's young), but if anything, he proved he can be a pretty dominant reliever.  Plus, he's 22.

We also have Aaron Judge as our rightfielder, assuming the Yankees give him that shot. Plus, as the article mentioned, Clint Frazier is just about Pro ready. We could even put Pro ready Rob Refsnyder in the outfield, the Yanks dig him!

Trust me, while I love Andrew McCutchen... I can't see it.

Anyway, I guess Chatt Sports Net gets a free shout-out by BYB. But you guys are smart. Notice no one is picking this story up. 

Interesting? Yes it is.  Mainstream or even a hint of truth? No... but good work with this! You got me reading!

Ah... the rumor season. Gotta love it.

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