Thursday, October 6, 2016


I like Noah Syndergaard.  I like that he's a tough guy, works his tail off and most of all, respects this game.  Baseball is an incredible journey.  I mean, if you are lucky enough and talented enough to make it to the major leagues, that's awesome.  If you can stay there, you really got something.  If you can perform and be a great player and follow your childhood dream... Well... that's something special.

Noah Syndergaard lost to the San Francisco Giants last night.  Syndy pitched a gem, and the Mets couldn't hold the Giants and Conor "Bleeping" Gillaspie.  That's life.

I just wanted to share Syndergaard's tweet after last night's game.  It's classic.  It's well written and I would LOVE to bring him over and write some commentary some time on Bleeding Yankee Blue.  He's got the right mindset and focus, even after a devastating loss like last night...
You're the man Thor.  

I tip my cap. Sorry about the loss, but baseball goes on and next year, you guys will be hungrier.

Could be worse... you could be the Yanks... they're playing golf.

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