Monday, October 24, 2016


The Yankees miraculously held on to Brian McCann through the August waiver deadline but just because he is still here doesn't mean the trade rumors are over. If anything, it's only heating up. I am convinced now more than ever that McCann will be on the move this winter.

The Yankees are infatuated with Gary Sanchez and so is the rest of Yankee land. The Yankees have the next big thing waiting in the wings after a successful first taste in the big leagues. We want to get younger, and stop spending so much money and part of the remainder of the old Yankee equation is still on the team.

I have absolutely nothing against Brian McCann. I was excited to have him sign with us but he is the next player to fall to the youth movement. The Yankees have Sanchez waiting in the wings for a full time job and Austin Romine can easily be a back up. The Yankees don't need McCann to be a backup catcher or a designated hitter. In the meantime, other teams out there NEED a catcher and the free agent market this season is thin for catchers.

The Yankees were strategic this season. The Cubs and the Indians are going to battle it out in the World Series starring two former Yankees. The Cubs had an enormous hole in the bullpen until Aroldis Chapman arrived. Without him, who knows if the Cubs would've made it this far. The Indians have an amazing closer in Andrew Miller....and they have him on a very friendly team contract to continue to build around after this season. The Yankees know what they are doing....and McCann is up next.

The Yankees are sitting on a gold mine named Brian McCann. There are teams who really need a catcher out there and he has an impressive resume. Teams will call for McCann's leadership and his six silver slugger awards.

Aside from McCann, Wilson Ramos was the most interesting free agent but he will be out 6-8 months recovering from knee surgery. This leaves Matt Wieters, Jason Castro and Carlos Ruiz for free agents and they don't have the same skills to offer as McCann does.

So not to sound repetitive but BRIAN CASHMAN WINS AGAIN! He is going to sit back and let his phone ring all winter. He is going to get a ton of phone calls all asking about McCann and he is going to wait and pick through all of the offers until the best one comes through. The Yankees are going to remain firm on their price because they know they don't NEED to trade him away and they can wait until they get the highest bidder. I have never praised Cashman so much until this year, and he just keeps coming out on top.

In the end, I am not saying that I want to see the Yankees trade McCann away but I know at this point if and when we do the Yankees are doing so because it only helps us in the Youth Movement. The Yankees have a reputation for winning in the past and now the future. The Yankees have helped someone else win a World Series ring this year and soon it will be our turn again. Someone is going to come calling for McCann.....the question is who and what do we get in return? I know Cashman is ready and waiting for that call.

 --Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer & Editor
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