Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Jon Heyman just piqued my interest. I swear to God. ‎ It appears, according to him, that the Yankees are looking to strengthen the bullpen for 2017 and one name we're very familiar with. The other is a Dodger reliever. Heyman writes:

"Word is, the Yankees will target one of the two best free agent closers–ex-Yankee Aroldis Chapman or Kenley Jansen–this winter, and also look to bolster their rotation, perhaps via the trade market.‎"

Hey, this sounds amazing to me..honestly. I mean, I think it's been established that as much as we all love Dellin Betances, he's not ready to be our closer. Maybe one day, but not yet. So in my world, why not try and get a guy like Jansen or even try and bring back Andrew Miller. (I'm throwing that out there!)

Or, even better, the Chapman reunion is my first choice. He can close and have Betances set up again.  We all love seeing Betances set the stage, there is no one better in that role.  The bottom line is, it worked earlier this season and when guys like Miller and Chapman, the more established dudes weren't here, Betances struggled. 

Now the other big question of course is starting pitching. You really gotta wonder if guys like Nathan Eovaldi are done in the Bronx. We do have Michel Pineda who is bound to rebound in 2017, plus we have Tanaka and Sabathia... but who else should we seriously consider?  We shall see. 

For now though... if this relief pitcher rumor has any truth to it... it's a real good start and I hope Heyman's right. Jansen, Chapman, maybe look at Miller again, who knows.  We gotta get things going again!

Stay tuned. 

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