Friday, October 7, 2016


You gotta love a rivalry!

Jose Bautista is a tough competitor, but when tensions went white, hot last season in the post season and the bat flip was seen around the world... many thought his was showboating.

When the brawl broke out and he and Rougned Odor had their scuffle, it was Odor that deposited his fist on Bautista's face as if to say... "You done did it, man!"

Now, yesterday, in their rematch of the postseason, the Rangers and Blue Jays faced off, and to be honest, it was a lousy day for the Rangers as they got demolished 10-1. 

The Jays dominated, but there is one moment that is not being written about too much and it's subtle, yet worth reporting...

When Bautista homered yesterday... he laid his bat down.  Clearly a contrast to his flip the year before and a shot across the bow of the Texas Rangers.  CBS Sports writes:

"Bautista's treatment of his bat this time around may be characterized as 'aggressively non-aggressive.'"

And Sportsnet guy Ben Nicolson-Smith later tweeted this...
Your move Odor...your move.

Final: Blue Jays 10 - Rangers 1

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