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Is Detroit pricing their players to sell? It sounds to good to be true, but anything is possible I guess. The latest rumor floating around out there is that the Detroit Tigers are ready and open for business. They are waiting on offers. No one is off limits! Yup, that's one.

According to Buster Olney HERE (must be an ESPN insider) the Tigers are even willing to listen to offers on Miguel Cabrera. Yes, you read that right....he is not off limits. It looks like the Tigers have their own idea on a youth movement just like we did this year. Unfortunately for them, this one won't be quite so easy....and would it be worth trading for Cabrera?

I believe that there are pros and cons to everything in life. I usually have to write out a list to sort through it all because hey, that is the writer in me. There are some serious upsides to trading for Miguel Cabrera but there are also some deeper cons to this.

1. Production and depreciation

It is hard to deny that Cabrera is one of baseball's best hitters. Since 2005 he has a .326 BA, 401 home runs and 1379 RBI's and the thought of him reaching 3000 hits in a Yankee uniform is exciting. There is no doubt that Cabrera is crazy talented but at 33 how many more years of these stats will he have? Not only that he has a full no trade clause and could block a trade to any team. Even if he did waive it....he is owed $212 million over the next seven seasons.

We all saw Alex Rodriguez crash this season. I know it isn't the same for every player but age catches up to you fast. The Tigers would have to pay out most of that contract for it to make sense for the Yankees and their new younger vision. 

2. It's a sure thing
Or is it?

Yes, Cabrera has a track record at first. We know he can play it and we know exactly what we get. On the other hand, the Yankees have a pending competition between Greg Bird and Tyler Austin during Spring Training. Sure, Bird missed an entire season and he is still not ready to play the field full time. The rehab is still underway and we aren't sure if he is ready for this if he is healthy. There is also Austin but first base is not his full time designated position. It's always nice to have more experience but the Yankees are dedicated to the Youth Movement....why should they stop now? We should expect some bumps in the road at first this year but shouldn't we give the kids a chance especially as we rebuild? I thought that was the purpose.

3. Keep him away from the enemy!

It would definitely suck to see Cabrera traded to a division rival. One place I would hate to see him go is Boston but now that David Ortiz has retired they may want another big name to add to the team...and one that would be a current upgrade to first base. It makes sense that the Red Sox would be in on Cabrera especially since GM Dave Dombrowski came from Detroit so there is an obvious connection there. As much as this idea may suck, should the Yankees care about what moves other teams make? We are rebuilding, and we need to do what is best for us. Adding an expensive aging player over our young kids is the old Yankee way.

4. The farm is meant to be used one way or another

Sure, the idea is to use what you can and trade away what you can't for what may be more useful. A prospect is just that, a prospect and Cabrera is a proven veteran. The farm is a gamble. It always has been and it always will be. The Yankees have been quick to trade away unknowns for superstars and that is why we are where we are today.

The Yankees have worked hard to get here and it's time to see it through. Cabrera is a big name and it isn't going to take two or three mid level prospects to get him. The Tigers know that they have a topnotch player and they are going to want a lot to just let him go. It would make all of these moves we made before....pointless.

Personally, as I make my list I am finding a couple more "cons" with Cabrera than "pros" and not because I don't think he is worth it....only because it doesn't fit the new Yankee direction which is more important to the future success of this franchise.

In the end, I think like any team the Tigers will listen to anyone who calls but they have built their fan base to expect these teams stacked with big names and big money and I just don't see them moving Cabrera. He fits their philosophy and not ours anymore.

 --Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer & Editor
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