Wednesday, October 12, 2016


I rarely do the whole, "Happy Birthday Mr. Yankee" thing because what happens is, you do it for some, and others either break my chops or fans start tracking who I'm wishing a Happy Birthday to. Before you know it, it's "You missed Steve Sax's birthday" or "Um... Bobby Meacham's birthday was Tuesday and you didn't write a post!"  Relax... I'm doing the best I can.

I do want to wish a Happy Birthday to my man Tanyon Sturtze though. A solid pitcher for the New York Yankees, a nice baseball career and the guys crazy about his family and active on Facebook by the way.

We interviewed Tanyon for BYB a while back. You should check it out, it's called EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: TANYON STURTZE.  A great interview about a great dude.

Here's my favorite Q & A when we asked about the Yankees, Red Sox rivalry:

"BYB: Obviously the rivalry was pretty intense in the 70's, 80's, 90's and when you were in New York. Do you think that's a good thing or a bad thing, that the rivalry has mellowed out now?

Tanyon Sturtze: I think it's a bad thing because it's always great to have hated rivals in a sport. I played in LA, and they all talked about LA/San Francisco. They didn't hold a candle to Boston/New York. 2004 was pretty heated. I mean, people were at the old Stadium at noon for a 7 o'clock game, chanting "We Hate Boston" as you walk into the clubhouse. It was pretty special. I have gone back to a couple of games now, I really don't feel like it's the same. Obviously everyone still knows it's a rivalry. But I just don't think it was as heated once they won the World Series a couple of times. I think it's calmed down a little bit. "

Love that! Anyway, we at BYB just wanna wish Sturtze a Happy Birthday.  A good dude and a reader of BYB. Gotta love that!

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