Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Yesterday the Indians took Game 3 against the lifeless Toronto Blue Jays team.  Tonight, the Blue Jays proved that they can live another day.  That's the game of baseball. Respect it!

Last night it was the Indians pulling out a 4-2 win against the Jays with 6 pitchers following starter Trevor Bauer who had a bloody pinky that just would not stop bleeding.  He left after 0.2 innings. He walked 2 and struck out just 1 before coming out.  

In the end, it was Jason Kipnis homering and Jose Ramirez singling in a run to get the Indians the lead, and then of course... the filthiest pitcher alive... Andrew Miller shut down the Jays to win.

Tonight... it was quite the opposite. The Blue Jays bats came alive in Toronto. It was a Josh Donaldson homer and a bunch of clean singles and doubles to put the Jays into the win category.  They were fierce tonight, much different to the way they'd been playing. 

As my son said tonight, "The Jays aren't gonna win, but hey, the last time you said that about the Sox, they killed your Yankees."

"My Yankees?", I said surprised.

He looked at me smirking.  "Dad... I'm a baseball fan.  I like all these guys and all these teams... it's more fun."

Gotta love that kid. 

Game 3 Final: Indians 4 - Blue Jays 2

Game 4 Final: Blue Jays 5 - Indians 1

 More tomorrow.

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